Event Dynamics
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Corporate Events Corporate events have to achieve a balance of logic and magic as they have to meet clear cut business objectives, while keeping the audience engaged and entertained to the fullest. We specialize in these concept-based events that most times mean bringing together serious business and fun under one roof.
Fashion Events The world of glitz, glamour and panache is dominated by illustrious fashion events, each one a cut above the rest. Standing head and shoulders above the others are these events by Event Dynamics that we have been doing year on year like the Goa Fashion Week, Pune Fashion Week and the RSI May Queen Ball.
Weddings and Social Events Weddings are special occasions made even more special by planning something out-of-this-world. Innovative and unique ideas as to where the actual wedding will take place, to how the venue will be fashioned, the décor, the flowers, the seating, the cuisine, the gifts even, can take the occasion from something spectacular to memorable.
Promotions and Launches Launch with a bang and end with a bang is the credo we follow for all your mega launches for malls and movies. We have many successful launches to our credit like the Big Bazaar launch we conceptualized and executed. Many corporate clients have been on our roster for years for product launches and promotions; evidence of the success we have created with such promotions.
Commercial Events For the last few years we have been successfully organizing commercial events like Holi, Dandiya and New Year parties for the masses. Each of these events is a sold-out event; evidence of the immense popularity each has garnered over the years. These large scale events and accommodate hundreds of people at one go, still ensuring that every participant goes back satisfied and happy.
Extras Event Dynamics goes the extra mile to handle inevitable formalities like getting you through the rigmarole to acquire the various licenses required for shows and for international celebrities. We are pros at handling celebrities; both, national and international – right from sourcing to licenses including their specific travel, accommodation and gourmet tastes.